The Vision

Inspired by our commitment to unify art, craft, and technology, we invite you to meet our design experts. We are a team of professionals who are passionate about customizing a plan for the home you’ve always wanted. Simply put… we specialize in listening to your ideas and turning them into a reality –from the ground up, both inside and out.

The Expertise

With over 20 years of award-winning design experience, Huzo team are leading the industry with their custom home designs in Northern California and throughout the nation. We take a streamlined approach through the design stages to establish key benchmarks, clear timelines, and above all, gain a keen understanding of your future home.

The Complete Package

The Huzo Group Design Team creates spaces that honor each client’s lifestyle and vision. From function to finishing touches, we collaborate with our clients on the necessities and nuances of their dream home. Our comprehensive residential architectural design services includes:

  • Custom floor plan designs and elevations
  • Interior/exterior details
  • County approved, fully-engineered construction plans
  • Adherence to CC&Rs/architectural guidelines for communities
  • 3D models and animated videos

Are you ready to begin
crafting your new home?